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Helmet TSR Race by NZI ( Limited Edition )

We have long been considering the different options and whenever possible we opt for the national product, manufactured in Spain, without detracting from the other options that went through to do it in China, the manufactured in our country always allows us to take a better control and monitoring during the manufacturing process and more when we go hand in hand with a legendary brand as NZI with more than 35 years of experience and that has protected during these years great MOTOGP world champions like Alex Crivillé, Jorge Martínez "Aspar", Álvaro Bautista, Emilio Alzamora, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Márquez .

We present the TSR Race by NZI helmet, available only on our website and for a limited time. The helmet will go on sale on May 2nd. in Pre-order, for a few weeks.

Why Pre-order ?

Because we want you to have a unique helmet, personalized, yes, you read that right. Personalized with your name for free, so it will not be possible to change the size or return, that's why we provide all the necessary information for you to choose yours correctly.

How do I order and when will I receive it ?

The purchase process is the same as for any other product, you enter our website, add it to the cart and select the payment method that suits you.

You can place your order between the 2nd and 31st of May, this will be the last day to get the option of personalizing the name for free. After this date you will be able to continue buying this magnificent helmet but you will not be able to personalize it with your name. On the 2nd we will place the order to the factory for all the helmets, and although the production will be done one by one in a week they will all be finished and ready to ship. So we estimate that on June 6th or 7th all the helmets will be shipped and on their way to your homes.

After this date you will be able to continue acquiring this magnificent helmet but the customization option will not be available.

Are you still thinking about it?

Click HERE to see the helmet

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