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Step by step: how to properly care and wash The Scooter Rider caps

Wash custom caps with detergent
We can wash it by hand with soap and water, and also with detergent.
We pour warm or cold water and add the detergent, shake, spray where there are more stains, and we can add a little vinegar to make the stains come out better. It affects the stains on the cap. If there are stains on certain sides of the custom cap, once the detergent has been sprayed, we can rub with a brush that we have for various uses, and they even recommend using the toothbrush to remove stains caused by sweat. To do this, make a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Rinse the customized cap
The next step is to rinse the cap and for this we submerge it in the sink of the bathroom or in a basin with clean and cold water.
We finish rubbing in all the parts. We recommend not to wring out the cap.
How to dry the customized caps
As important as the washing of the customized cap is the drying,
because if it is too much time in the sun, the color can suffer and fade or look lighter.
To dry it well, the experts recommend to put it inside a small towel or a cloth that we do not use much so that it can absorb the excess of humidity and in order to avoid
deformations, because what we want is that it remains the same.

Then we can let it dry outside, but better in the shaded area, because the sun, as we have mentioned, can make the material and the color deteriorate more easily.
Frequently asked questions about the maintenance of advertising caps:
Can caps be put in the washing machine?
The best thing to do when washing advertising caps is to look at each manufacturer's labels and follow their instructions. In any case, it is not advisable to put them in the washing machine because they can
spoil before, since with this process they become deformed and wrinkled.
Can I clean custom caps with bleach?
This is another common question when washing this type of accessories. In general, bleach should be avoided because it deteriorates the color, however, if the cap is light-colored and has stains
that are difficult to remove, we can add a little bleach to our wash.
How can I keep my cap from deforming?
It is best to wash the cap by hand, without corrosive products, rather natural, soap and water, vinegar and mild detergent, and do not let them dry in the sun. It is also important to store them correctly.

How do I store my TSR caps correctly?
To do it properly, we can store them in drawers, without many elements that can deform them, in a cardboard box with enough space, hanging them in the closet through a hanger, etc.

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