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      Our story begins here.

      Our beginning.

      Classic scooter fans for already a decade, anxious to know more about this passionating world, we created our first blog in which we published articles in which interest magazines, restorations, videos and we could share with our fans everything we learned and so we enjoyed. David (ga-rule), a good friend of us designed a logo for our blog and later made shirts. Such was the acceptance and words of encouragement from our friends that years later the idea came out.

      Why not create a range of shirts and other items with our own scooteristss brand?

      Things happen for a reason and at the right time. At the end of 2013 was born The Scooter Rider as a trademark with the illusion of two young Alicante guys by getting to passionate as we are about the classic our philosophy of life scooter, the way we feel the scooterism, freedom of riding with our old scooter , companionship and friendship, the smell of burning gasoline, etc.

      Our products.

      The Scooter Rider performs its own designs and manufactures its products entirely in Spain before and exhaustive quality control to bring the customer the product that they deserve and expect.

      Our history is not written, only just started and we have much to learn and improve and thanks to you it will be possible.

      Ride Free, Feel free ¡¡